Catholic Ministries Appeal

Inspired by Pope Francis, One Faith, Family and Community is the 2016 theme around which we are sharing the inspiring story of the Catholic Ministries Appeal.

As One Faith Family, we are called as community to show mercy to others as Pope Francis has asked us to do in this extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Supporting the Catholic Ministries Appeal gives each of us a remarkable opportunity to “show mercy to others” and touch the lives of so many who are in our family of faith and in our community – a neighbor in need of food or shelter, a young man or woman finding their way to God through our youth or campus ministry programs, or a deacon or seminarian studying to serve in our Diocese. More than 600,000 people of God are touched by your generosity each year.


The key ingredient to the success of our Catholic Ministries Appeal is participation. Please consider making a gift to the Appeal if you have not already done so.

Every year, the Catholic Ministries Appeal provides the means to continue the mission that Christ has entrusted to us: to serve God by serving others.

Our hope is that each family will make a gift. We cannot ask everyone to consider the same size gift, but we ask that your gift reflect how generous God has been to you with His gifts.