Entrusted by Christ with the mission of bringing the Good News to all, we the multilingual family of Our Lady of Assumption, joyfully declare to love and honor God and another. We desire to grow in our faith and strive to serve the needs of others with the help of the Virgin Mary. We seek to be a parish in which all can find a true home, welcoming all nationalities and cultures to serve God as one.

Through the celebration of the Eucharist, we accept as our goals:

to live our life according to our faith ~ to share our faith with others and teach by example ~ to serve and nourish the needs of others
to support one another in spiritual growth ~ to strengthen and inspire our Parish family

115 Leonardo DaVinci Street

Copiague, NY  11726

Telephone:  (631) 842-5264

Coordinator:  Rita Madden


Outreach Days and Hours:

Every Tuesday and Thursday

10:00 am to Noon

1:00pm to 5:00pm

In Special Cases:  By Appointment


Outreach History

The Outreach was started in 1989 in a small room tucked away on the second floor of the auditorium, with additional space behind the stage. As our services, staff and clients increased, it became apparent that the needs of the community were increasing and the current quarters were too small. In 2003, a new building was erected to house the Outreach and the much-needed additional space was very welcomed.