Entrusted by Christ with the mission of bringing the Good News to all, we the multilingual family of Our Lady of Assumption, joyfully declare to love and honor God and another. We desire to grow in our faith and strive to serve the needs of others with the help of the Virgin Mary. We seek to be a parish in which all can find a true home, welcoming all nationalities and cultures to serve God as one.

Through the celebration of the Eucharist, we accept as our goals:

to live our life according to our faith ~ to share our faith with others and teach by example ~ to serve and nourish the needs of others
to support one another in spiritual growth ~ to strengthen and inspire our Parish family

Our clients are as diversified as is our community.  Our clients come in all shapes and sizes.  All religions and ages.  Some have money but are in need of a job; some have a job but not enough money for food and clothing; some just need someone to talk to; some are young and some are old; some are American; some are Spanish; some are Italian; we have clients from Syria, from China, Poland, Spain, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Israel, Peru, etc.  In other words, our clients consist of anyone in the community in need of help.

We encourage people to think of the Outreach as a place to come when you have a problem. We keep ourselves up to date on all the agencies, corporations, churches, local businesses and individuals that are willing to work with us on solving your problem.  Our parishioners are very generous and willing to help us locate random items that we may not have on hand -- for example, a wheelchair, crutches, shower bench, eye glasses, etc.

We want to stress that we are here for everybody.  Please do not think of the Outreach as a place where only people on Social Services or Social Security can go to for help.  Approximately 25% of our clients come for temporary help and do not need to come after about six months of our assistance.  We encourage you to come at the beginning of your problems.

Super Storm Sandy brought us many new clients.  The people who always worked, always supported themselves and their families and supported the Outreach with frequent contributions,  found they were suddenly overwhelmed and  in need of help.  We were there to help them at that time and we are still here for you.