January 31st, 2016 

What Makes the Difference?

Today is the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. In this day’s second reading we hear St. Paul’s digression on “love”. First he speaks of the necessity of love, and then lists some of the virtues that flow from love. This is a well known and well loved passage. (1 Corinthians 12:13-13:13)

But what is love? This is a difficult, if not impossible question for us humans to answer. Recently some of us heard a homily in which the homilist insisted that God loved each person exactly the same – loved me as much as he loved his mother! My immediate response was “no way!” But as I thought this over I remembered St. John’s statement that “God is love”. I realized that since God is infinitely simple, he can only have one love, and that is himself. We are all loved in that one love. Therefore, it is our response to that love that makes all the difference!